To meet the current US consumer demand for pulse oximetry with the COVID-19 pandemic, we aligned with a pulse oximeter manufacturer to make pulse oximetry available for personal and in-home use. If problems persist with your CM Personal Fingertip unit, please contact Nonin Technical Support at (800) 356-8874 (U.S. and Canada only) or (763) 553-9968.



The SpO2 and Pulse Rate display is unstable Place the finger correctly inside the oximeter and try again.
Cannot turn on the device Remove the device from finger, check the batteries and re-place the oximeter on fingertip. Ensure fingertip is inserted all the way to the built-in backstop.
No display Change the batteries.
Display direction doesn't change or changes insensitively  Please remove the oximeter and shake with slight force. This will ensure the internal orientation mechanism is moving freely. Reposition on finger and see if problem is corrected. If problem persists, contact Nonin technical support.